In my prior 2 part guide entitled “Google Project, Subversion, and Eclipse” ( and ) I discussed how to setup a Google Project Hosting Subversion repository and how to integrate it into an Eclipse based IDE. It came with lots of text and screenshots. While lots of people prefer this method of step by step instruction (I’m usually one of them), its layout left me disappointed.

To remedy this dissatisfaction I put together this video. It walks you through everything from that 2 part guide in a concise 6 minute video. You’ll get to see exactly how to create a Google Project Hosting Subversion repository, install the Subclipse SVN plugin for Flash Builder 4, and integrate the repository into your development environment.

You’ll have to forgive the very amateur nature of the video, this was my first time using Adobe Captivate .  Its a pretty intuitive software, but I’m totally ignorant to the finer points of video guide creation.  I’m sure that will start to change in the near future, though, especially if people actually take the time to watch this one.

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