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On the phone with someone who gave my app a bad rating

Sometimes you need a more direct approach... Show project details

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The Joys of Screen Scraping

Knucklehead was down for a bit, but it's up and running again... Show project details

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Path menu with Appcelerator Titanium

The talked-about Path menu, implemented in Titanium, for iOS and Android... Show project details


3D, Sockets, and Native Android with Appcelerator Titanium

Here's the 3 part 'Twisti' app series of screencasts I did for the Appcelerator developer blog... Show project details


How Casinos Use Technology to Prevent Cheating

Casinos employ advanced technology to prevent... Show details


Forms with Appcelerator Titanium

A screencast on the highly unsexy, yet necessary, task of creating forms in mobile applications... Show project details


Adobe & PhoneGap: Makes Sense, Mostly

Adobe acquired Nitobi... What does this mean for Adobe, PhoneGap, and mobile developers everywhere?... Show project details


5 Annoying Things About Mac OS X Lion and How To Fix Them

Think some of the Mac OS X Lion changes are a pain? Me too. Here's how to fix them... Show project details


Android Intents in Appcelerator

This time instead of receiving Android Intents in Appcelerator, we'll be sending them... Show project details

share intent

Android Intent Filters in Appcelerator

Use Android Intent Filters to make your Appcelerator apps receive Intents from other Android applications... Show project details


Code Once, Adapt Everywhere

"Code once, run everywhere" might not be the mentality you should have for your cross platform mobile development... Show project details