Droid X and Android: My new best friends

I got myself a Droid X a few weeks ago and have been loving it.  I finally got around to building my development environment and actually got started working on my first app.  Right now I’m just toying around with the GPS service, but there’s tons of stuff I want to get to.  I’m hoping to post up some screenshots, demos, and code soon.  For now the setup is:

  • Eclipse 3.5.2 + Android Plugin
  • Android 2.1 SDK (til I get Froyo in a couple weeks)
  • USB connected Droid X (the emulator sucks to develop against)
  • A total lack of Java experience
  • Jack Daniel’s

I know, it sounds awesome, but anything that includes Jack Daniel’s sounds awesome.  I also want to get my hands on the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) but just haven’t had time yet.  Android is going to be my favorite mistress for a little while, but don’t worry.  I’ll be back to Away3D in no time, especially once I get that Froyo update and can run Flash on my Droid X!