On the phone with someone who gave my app a bad rating

Just replace “let my daughter go now” with “re-rate my app”.

2 Responses to “On the phone with someone who gave my app a bad rating”

  1. polyGeek says:

    You want to talk about annoying think about some of the rating I get for the RunPee app. Mostly the ratings and reviews are very positive. But occasionally I get the wanker who doesn’t like the “idea” that the app is used during a movie and so they give it one star.

    When I see that I think: Okay, ass-wipe. You may not like the fact that people may use it during a movie – however unobtrusively they might manage to do so – but that’s not what you’re being asked to rate now is it? Grrrrrrr.

    That would be like me giving Angry Birds a one star because I don’t like birds. Morons. I’m dealing with morons here!

    At any rate I share your pain. :-)

  2. Ha, my gripe has been people who post stuff like this:

    “Use to be great. Loved it but now won’t let me look at fighters”

    So my backend service failed for a few hours. A user who loved my app, but never rated it, took the time to rate it 1-star only when they had something to complain about. No 4 or 5 star for the period in which they “loved it”, just a kick in the ass when my service flaked out on me. Something tells me they aren’t going to come back and re-rate it either.