3DS in Away3D

I’m starting to cook up a few game ideas with some friends of mine and I wanted to get a sense of what Away3D could really do.  To start, I made this very basic example of Away3D loading a fairly high poly 3DS file with minimal animation.  More specifically, it’s a rotating, 2880 poly, torus knot with a wire frame material.  While Away3D isn’t really made to handle models with this many polys, it gives me an idea of how it will handle a total polycount of about 3000.

Featured Away3D code: Max3DS.load() and WireColorMaterial

Click the image above to access the example.  You can right click on the example and click “view source” to,  you guessed it, view the source.

4 Responses to “3DS in Away3D”

  1. Dan says:

    That helps tony, thanks for the hand.

  2. Glad to hear it!

  3. dave says:

    would be nice to see the source or be able to download it.

  4. Just click the image to load the demo, then right click the stage and select “view source” from the context menu.