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Knuckle Head: My MMA Fighter App for Android

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Knuckle Head is an app for the true Mixed Martial Arts fan. It allows you to search a database to find details on any fighter in the world, not just the UFC. In just a few touches you can search by name, nickname, or weight class to find every detail about your favorite fighters. This is not just another MMA news app. Inside you’ll find fighter images, detailed fight records, vital statistics, and other MMA analysis.

Oh, and I love feedback, so tell me what you want next!


In Case You Were Interested…

I’ll have some technical blog posts regarding this app up very soon. There’ll be lots of native Android development goodies to be gleaned. In addition I’m likely gonna post up some Android/Java convenience classes I’ve been using for various tasks like JSON handling, AdMob, ProgressDialogs, and more to my . Stay tuned.