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3D, Sockets, and Native Android with Appcelerator Titanium

Yeah, yet another cross-post from the Appcelerator Developer blog. This was a fun one, though, where I got to show off some really cool features and functionality of the Titanium platform. There’s a lot covered so it’s stretched over a 3 part series. I’ve brought them all together here for your viewing pleasure. The original blog post links included with each video contain links for all the source code and references associated with each video.

Here’s the 10 second summary of each part:

  1. Create a native Android module to determine a device’s physical orientation as azimuth, pitch, and roll
  2. Use the above data to animate and render a 3D model using a Titanium WebView and
  3. Represent this 3D model on multiple remote client devices simultaneously using high volume, realtime network communication via Titanium Sockets

Part 1 – Native Android Module

>>> Original blog post

Part 2 – 3D With Three.js

>>> Original blog post

Part 3 – Sockets

>>> Original blog post