Adobe “Molehill” 3D API Videos

In the wake of the Adobe Flash “Molehill” 3D API being unveiled at AdobeMax this year, interest in 3D Flash has exploded. Rather than bore you with why I think this is so interesting (though I must mention that it uses the GPU), here’s some videos to give you an idea of how incredible this API is going to be:

Yes, I know, it IS awesome. But be patient kids, the word is a painfully vague “mid 2011″ beta release. In the meantime, though, start sharpening with your 3D Flash engine of choice because Adobe has already stated that its going to let the community build the engines. And believe me, Away3D, Alternativa, and a handful of others will be waiting with their Molehill-ready engines as soon as it is released.

4 Responses to “Adobe “Molehill” 3D API Videos”

  1. The Flash Platform Top 10 for 2010 (Adobe Flash Platform Blog) says:

    [...] popular ActionScript 3D frameworks, such as Alternativa3D, Away3d, Flare3D, Sophie3D or Yogurt3D. Visit Tony Lukasavage’s blog to see some pretty awesome demos, including what we showed at MAX. So when is it all coming? Developer beta program expected first [...]

  2. Tom says:

    Some awesome demos – but which to choose – Away3D or Alternativa3D now that I can’t use Papervision?

  3. Tom,

    Away3D all the way. Open source FTW! Its an awesome, open engine and is constantly getting even better. Check out this list of resources to help get started:

  4. Quora says:

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