Away3d People, Places, and Tutorials

2 things brought about this post:

  1. The increased popularity of Away3D with the announcement of “Molehill” at AdobeMax 2010.
  2. The scarcity and disarray of some of Away3D’s greatest resources for learning and inspiration.

To fix this I am going to create a collection here of the best available blogs, links, tutorials, demos, and videos from the Away3D community. With a little help from you, the visitors to this blog, of course. So PLEASE, if I miss a team member or a good blog, leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list. OK, here we go.

The twitter list

Let me know if you want to be added.

The Project

  • – The official Away3D Flash Engine site
  • Away3D tutorials – A list of useful, though slightly dated, tutorials for the engine
  • – A growing community where Away3D developers and newbies can interact and ask questions, often addressed by the core team members themselves.

The Team

  • Rob Bateman – Away3D founder, lead developer, and co-author of “The Essential Guide to 3D in Flash”
  • Fabrice Closier – Away3D developer and creator of Prefab, the Away3D modeler and workflow enhancer.
  • Peter Kapelyan – Away3D developer
  • Greg Caldwell – Away3D documentation, and the inspiration for my reflection in Away3D demo.
  • Jalava – Away3D bitmap rendering
  • Katopz – Away3D developer and Collada animation
  • Li – Away3D developer and vector text/shapes
  • Richard Olsson – Away3D developer and co-author of “The Essential Guide to 3D in Flash”
  • David Lenaert – Flash 10 shaders and Pixelbender

The blogs, devs, and links

  • Tony Lukasavage (me) – A blog full of Away3D demos, code, and overall goodness.
  • Flash Tutorials (Away3D) – A great collection of Away3D tutorials to help you get started.
  • Ralph Hauwert – Flash 3D wizard with some good Away3D content.
  • Einar Öberg – Great Flash developer with some awesome Away3D projects.
  • Bartek Drozdz – Now mostly a Unity3D blog, it still contains some real Away3D gems.
  • Darcey Lloyd – This site has mountains of great Away3d demos and instructional content.
  • Matthew Casperson – Tons of detailed demos and how-to’s for Away3D
  • Harry Northover – A bit dated, but still has some good, basic Away3D examples.
  • Advanced Mediocrity – A handful of cool Away3D examples
  • Jason Begot – A couple of great Away3D samples, and he was the inspiration for my mesh morphing demo.
  • Exey Panteleev – Flash 3D developer with some Away3D demos, and he inspired my dynamic height demo.
  • blog.tartiflop – Pretty old Away3D stuff, but it still contains some very useful content for understanding the engine.
  • – A growing collection of Away3D tutorials and examples ported from Papervision3D.
  • John Wilson – Nice collection of Away3D demos and samples.
  • McFunkyPants – Indie game developer content with some great Flash 3D material (Including insight on Molehill).

The books

The games, videos, and extras

  • BattleCell – The incredible Away3D, multi-player, first person shooter. Grab a friend and blow sh!t up!
  • “Molehill” demo videos - Get a preview at the amazing advances coming to Flash 3D
  • Away3D Shoot ‘Em Up with sound – A lengthy tutorial on game building and sound for Away3D.
  • Gesture Works – Shows how to add multi-touch support to your Away3D applications
  • Away3D Mobile – See Away3DLite running on mobile devices

This list is far from exhaustive and I would love it if my readers would contribute. Let me hear what your other Away3D resources are. I’m all ears.

11 Responses to “Away3d People, Places, and Tutorials”

  1. John Wilson says:

    This is a really useful site. Thanks.

  2. Thanks John, I added your site to the list. I happened upon it a long time ago, thanks for the reminder, its a great addition!

  3. Hi Tony,

    I would be grateful to be included on your lists. I’m a hardcore away3d developer.

    For example, I’ve written a molehill programming tutorial:

    Thanks so much, and keep up the great work. =D

    Kind regards,
    Chris – (aka McFunkypants)

  4. Great stuff Chris, you’re in. Your Molehill article is motivating me to get into it more in depth.

  5. Chakir says:

    I knew most of the info, especially the demos and tutorial sites, but it’s too convenient to have them all in one site to be as a référence

  6. Jensa says:

    I’ve made a series of tutorials as well:


  7. Jensa says:

    Duhh.. strike that. Didn’t see that it was already included ;)

  8. Don’t worry, that was one of the first ones I got on my list! Probably the best starting point on the internet for Away3D.

  9. Okeowo Aderemi says:

    This is a powerful article,already bookmarked these as my reference point.

  10. jay says:

    Thanks for the resources!
    I’m right in the process of migrating to away3d.
    I was wondering, would you point me out to some explanation about how to destroy objects in away3d?

    Memory management is always an important issue for me, but i didn’t find anything clear about it..

    What’s the best/common practice to destroy things in away3d?

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