Away3D Drunk Simulator

Away3D Drunk Simulator

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I decided to have a little more fun with the motion blur technique that I posted about earlier this week. Rather than blur individual objects in the scene, I blurred the entire scene giving a you a view through beer goggles engineered in Actionscript. And to get in the mood I poured myself a glass of Single Barrel Jack Daniel’s. OK, probably wasn’t necessary, but Jack Daniel’s is like bacon: it makes everything better.

Be sure to play with the slider at the top of the demo. Moving it from left to right will gradually increase your level of intoxication, making the motion blur more extreme and longer lasting. This in turn has the effect of making the frame rate really low, but it actually works well in the demo because it also simulates the delayed reflexes of being wasted. At least thats how I plan to explain away occasional single digit FPS.

Having fun haphazardly swaying through my little 3d scene. While this seems like a goofy effect, it probably has some pretty interesting applications in games. It seems like a great way to simulate a “shell shocked” effect in a battle or perhaps blurred vision when moving at extremely fast speeds. Got any other idea?

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  1. radu says:

    Nice job :) feels just like last night