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Johnny Cash in Flash

Hi, I'm Johnny Cash

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NOTE: You’ll need to download away3dlite, , and to compile the code.

Inspired by the legendary Johnny Cash I decided to dive into a few AS3 development topics I haven’t gotten to yet to create a 3d equalizer and tribute to the Man in Black. Those topics, along with some other more familiar ones, include:

  • Playing audio in Flash with Sound and SoundChannel
  • Using the SoundMixer to generate values based on the audio
  • Searching for images with the Google API via
  • Creating a PHP proxy for beating Flash cross-domain security issues
  • Using Away3dLite for speedy 3d visualization (I even get 15 FPS on my phone!)
  • Using Prefab to export 3d models as native AS3 code for Away3d or Away3dLite.

This demo has a good bit more code than I usually post up.  It also uses a couple external libraries, namely away3dlite (3d rendering), (Google API), and (super useful AS3 utilities).  Rather than overwhelm you with mountains of tutorial-like rambling, instead I’ll leave this demo here to be enjoyed, make the source code available, and break down each of these topics into smaller tutorials/guides in the near future.

Sometimes your muse doesn’t need to be even slightly related to your field of creativity.  In fact, that can often make for the most interesting inspiration.