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Knuckle Head

Sneak Peek at “Knuckle Head” for iPhone

Here's a sneak peek at the iPhone version of Knuckle Head, built using Appcelerator.... Show project details


Appcelerator’s Latest Acquisition… Me!

Say hello to the latest member of the Appcelerator team... Show project details


Gonzo, an open source markdown editor

Meet Gonzo, a lightweight markdown editor written for Adobe Air for desktop... Show project details

Personalized Silver Pocket Watch1

Waiting for Android: UrlJsonAsyncTask

Excerpt from my first blog post for BuildMobile.com explaining UrlJsonAsyncTask, a convenience class for Android... Show project details


Monetize Your Expertise, Not Your Blog

Us tech bloggers don't generally have much luck with significantly monetizing blogs. But there's other options... Show project details


11 Vague Ways to be Technically Relevant

I'm not promising rockstar status here, but your words should carry a little more weight... Show project details


Taking Notes on Node.js using Gonzo

Taking my very new markdown editor, Gonzo, for a test drive at a Node.js meetup... Show project details


A Whole Mess of Android Helpers

A collection of Android helper functions and methods I created during the making of Knuckle Head... Show project details


Appcelerator Charging for Integrated Debugging. PhoneGap Doing It For Free.

I prefer my open source platforms to provide free tools, but that's just me... Show project details


Knuckle Head: My MMA Fighter App for Android

Search for your favorite fighter and get all their details with Knuckle Head for Android!... Show project details